Friday, October 5, 2012

We're Still Here!

Lots going on- (but you would never know it by our blog posts!)

Quite a rush of excitment at the end of August.  Our #2 Container, after being delayed in Kampala, was finally unloaded in Abim, Uganda. 
About the same time our #3 Container made a very quick trip to Walvis Bay Namibia and was unloaded there. 
We are now collecting bikes for #4! 

Here is a pic from Abim.  The container sent from Victoria in January 2012 is the blue one on the right!
The journey wasn't without some excitement- Our container was travelling with a container from the Calgary Chapter.  The Calgary unit ran off the road and the container slid forward crushing the cab of the tractor.  Thankfully there were no injuries- and a crew of eager volunteers unloaded the Victoria container at the bike shop and returned with the now empty Victoria container to trans-ship all of the bikes from the damaged truck.  Having loaded a couple of containers now I can appreciate how much work that was!
  Finally- here is a photo shortly after the container arrived in Abim.  Looks like all of the bikes made it!

Here is more on the Uganda story:

Finally for Nambia- September was a busy month in Walvis Bay.  Here is photo of bikes being unloaded in Walvis Bay.  (not our bikes- but if you click here you will get the story!)

Thanks to everyone that has helped on this amazing adventure!

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