Friday, October 20, 2023

Pressing Pause!

 Pressing Pause-

A huge thank you to everyone who donated bikes and spare parts to our charity, Bicycles for Humanity Victoria over the past 15 years. We are pressing the pause button on bike donations. No further bike donations accepted, please and thank you.
Over the past 15 years we have poured our hearts and souls into B4H, successfully collecting and shipping over 6000 good used bikes and spare parts to 4 African countries. Each and every bike collected and shipped has the unique power of helping change lives for the better through the gift of mobility.
We couldn't have done it with the generosity of the greater Victoria community and the help of volunteers.
Currently we have 500 Bikes in storage ready for one last shipment. After that we will be taking a break from Bicycles for Humanity Victoria. Special thanks to my wife Linda for her tireless support of this demanding charity. Special thanks also to John Robertson, who came on board with our second to 14th container loads. We (My wife Linda and I) were going to stop at one container load but John help made the difference and kept us going all these years. It's basically been the 3 of us doing all the heavy lifting for those 15 successful years, with a surge of volunteers at loading time.
It's been wonderful to give back in this special way. There is no doubt how important a simple sturdy bicycle is in Africa. That I saw first hand while cycling 12,000kms from Cairo to Cape Town back in 2008.
Good used bikes and spare parts can be donated to Compassionate Resources warehouse as well as Recyclistas.
Please note that they are not connected or affiliated with Bicycles for Humanity in any way.
Thanks again, best regards, Chris Wille founder and co-director, Bicycles for Humanity Victoria.

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