Monday, June 1, 2020

  Still Here!

.....................................................or maybe it should be "we're back!"

Hope everyone is well in this year of the Covid Virus.   My apologies for those of you who haven't had a reply from us in so so long.   We shall endeavour to do better in the future.

We have just been discussing whether or not we can carry the mission on for our twelfth container.   Yes 12!   And the answer is we are going to try and give it a go for this fall!   Our partners indicate there is still an overwhelming need for mobility in rural Africa and that bicycle donations seem to have fallen off.   So we will give it a try!

Interesting times indeed- I think many many bikes in Greater Victoria have been dusted off and are being ridden here.   This is great news- always better to ride them here than ship them halfway around the world.

If you do find yourself with a surplus bike drop us a line or even better yet drop it off.   
Brentwood Auto and Metal is still accepting bikes for us- Monday through Friday 8:00- 4:30.
Additionally Recyclistas on Crease Avenue. has new "Covid Hours" starting June 4th.  They will be open Thursday-Through Sunday 10 am- 6pm.  They will accept the bike.   Hang a B4H tag on it! 

Lastly I will leave you with some photos taken in Malawi this spring.   Asama Canada generously donated a huge load of parts and components to Zomba Malawi and we were thrilled to do the loading and shipping.   

Stay Safe.  John 

Thursday, May 9, 2019


Special thanks to Pedro Arrais and the Times Colonist for once again publishing a super nice article for us.   The Spring weather has re-energized us and we hope to ship container #11 before summer. 
Hard to believe- 11 containers.  That a pile of bikes.    Drop us a line- we are back in action. 

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Tweed Ride Victoria!

Hey everyone.   Shipment #9 should be delivered to Zomba Malawi on about September 10th.  Good timing as that is the day of the Victoria Tweed Ride.   Thanks for the Tweed Ride Team for their continued support of B4H Victoria!

Monday, June 26, 2017

Number 9 is Sealed and Enroute to Malawi with Love!

Big Big thanks to everyone that helped load #9.  Hard to believe that the bikes just keep on coming.
Special thanks to Van Isle Containers- without their help this wouldn't happen.   Recyclistas and Brentwood Auto & Metal Recycle keep feeding us with bikes too!

Since 2009 we have shipped 4,039 bikes for a total of 61,207 kilos!! 

Monday, September 26, 2016

Sept 2016

Hey everyone- we are back after a summer hiatus.  What a summer it was.

First and foremost a big big thanks to the Greater Victoria Cycling Coalition for sponsoring the Victoria Tweed Ride.  $914 was raise for Bicycles for Humanity.  Thank-you to the GVCC and the riders.  Every nickel we raise goes to paying shipping charges to get the bikes to folks that need them.

I guess with support from groups like the GVCC and YOU, we will put container #9 in motion.  If we can get #9 in gear for next spring we will be celebrating about 4,000 bikes shipped to Africa.

Here are a few photos we just received from Zomba Malawi showing #8's arrival.   Take note of the wristband on the headset of the Raleigh in the 3rd pic.  We affix a numbered wristband to each bike as it is loaded to assist with tracking and inventory control.  Thats a bike we loaded in June!