Friday, June 15, 2012

June 2012 Newsletter

Shipment #3 is BOOKED

Victoria #3 is booked– Destination is the trusted partner
BEN Namibia. We need some help to load the container on Mon-day July 2nd. The loading "party" will be on Keating Cross Rd at 9am. Email us for details.

We are also about 50 bikes short for this load– so we have less than 3 weeks to weeks to collect the final bikes. If you haven’t managed to get that bike out storage now is the time! Click here for drop off information or bring it on the 2nd and load it yourself!

Great shot of the LaScala with the Olympic Mountains in the background.  The next load of biks should sail on this ship July 10th.

Pat Montani, the founder of B4H recently visited the Karamoja Region of Uganda to witness the im-pact the first 1,000 bicycles have had on the region.

He described it as a life changing moment and com-mented that
" NGO or government group could for a million dollars create what has been created here".

Remember to Shop Local!
Many local businesses support us. We get many bikes from local bike shops including
Russ Hays and Recyclistas who will accept bikes even if you are not trading it in. (although we hope you are!) The gang at Brentwood Metal Recycle feed a lot of bikes our way too!

Van Isle Containers donates storage space to us, R & B Trucking helps out with getting the container to the barge, and Western Speedway has helped financially. THANKS ALL!


The 2012 Tweed Ride was a huge

success thanks to Simon, Libby,

the marshals, the sponsors,

and the riders of course! The

event gave us a much needed infusion of cash– all of which will go towards shipping costs

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